Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wuyi Rock Oolong tasting....

An eye opening tasting, at one of the bigger factory in Wuyi Shan.

From top to bottom:
1. Huang guanyin 2006 May. Fired once.
2. 200+ years old bush Shui Xian. 2004 May. Fired twice, Micro-fired 2 times
3. 28-30 years aged old bush Shui Xian. Micro-fired once.
4. 5 years aged Da Houg Pao. Micro-fired 3 times.
FYI: Correction on my previous posting May 31, 06. "Dynasty Dan Cong" Article regarding DHP.
From Wuyi's farmers point of view, Da Houg Pao is not under Shui Xian category, but a separated variety.

I never had such good Cha Qi wuyi tea experience before, specially the 5 years aged DHP (Which I did shared with people at tea gallery this Tuesday), it was like drinking a fine aged 15-20 years old puerh from Yiwu. These are combination of many factors: Clean environment, old bush harvests, experience farmer, one harvesting per year or sometimes every 2 years, right processing by hand, master firing technique, proper storing and most of all patience from the master. Wuyi Rock oolong is a "Crafted" tea, unlike puerh which could be aged by nature.

Charcoal firing room on the right and finish Tie Luo Han at the end.

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