Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Great Tease from a Hong Kong's Vendor....

A complete stack of 80's Guang Yun Gong Beengs, company with Hun Yins, 80's 8582s. 2 Cupboards full of 20's-80's zhu ni and other fun pots.
Also my pick of a 30's Zhu Ni pot. What do you think, did I picked a good one?


davelcorp said...

That's a beautiful pot. What will you use it for?

As someone who lives in earthquake country, it sends shivers down my spine to see so many aged yixing sitting on open shelves.

pinknest said...

that is beautiful. i've never seen so many lined up together.

Steven Dodd said...

I see those 80s bings are plastic wrapped. Are they already at their peak so their fermentation is intentionally stopped?

toki said...

Steven, For fine raw bings. enclosed aging (plastic wrap or caddy storage) can refine the fermentation. The period of storage might increase, so does the quality and the complexity of the tea.

This depends on the collector/vendor intension. To have a greater aged bing or to gain profit with 5-20 yrs.

~ Phyll said...

Very classic pear-shaped zhu ni! Nice!

Ditto on what Davelcorp said above *shivers*.

MarshalN said...

Are those real old Hongyin? Because they look like the "revival" Hongyin -- the paper look too crisp and new.

toki said...

1 wrapped at the bottom is 50's, top are later.
And there are a full stack unopened 50's at the very bottom..... $$$$$

MarshalN said...

Hmmm, a full stack of unopened Hongyin? Hmmmm. I get really suspicious these days of these claims.

The pot looks nice. Do you know what was brewed in it before?

toki said...

no idea.... I just put some phone numbers on your blog.

Tess Grey said...

How absolutely beautiful!

You may of course link to my blog, and thanks for the comment!--your blog is lovely and I've definitely linked to you.


darwin said...

hi there toki!
those pots are indeed a treasure!
would like to ask where those (on the shelf) pots can be found in hong kong? id like to get myself one!


toki said...

Tea Art Gallery

Address: Shop A on Ground Floor, 189 Johnston Road , Wan Chai, Hong Kong Telephone: 28388802

Address: Shop A G/F, Connaught Commercial Building 185 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Telephone: 28388932

Address: Shop 35 A G/F, Mirador Mansion 54-64 Nathan Road , Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Good Luck Hunting. -T

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