Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Drinking good tea and using good pots.

It was with great pleasure to had this tea again! Michael and amount good tea friends gathered to celebrated my birthday last Friday. The oldest living puerh tea tree at 3753 yrs old. Last tasted: http://themandarinstea.blogspot.com/2006/05/3740-plus-years-old-tree.html

Mike and Winnie was kind enough to break-out 16g of this "Most-expensive-cake in the world" (for it's age worth), as a treat for my special occasion (29th Feb.). The experience was more then I can comprehend. The Qi hit us all at the first sip, and we were seeing blur....

Even we push it using 16g/300ml water. The taste was still mild, but deep. Never a moment of intrusive, maybe this is what good tea is all about? Calm, dynamic is from the after notes, mistaken as stolid if one do not know/experience the truth, delicate layers and puzzling/challenging to the mind....

While we were having a good time, one of the teapot expert brought the news of Famous Zi Sha Master, Rong Jiang, Passed Away.
I had a moment of silence, because her blue lily frog pot was the first teapot which deeply connect, and inspirated me to the love and quest for fine yixing.



I guess it might be the same to both good tea and treasure pot. At the beginning, when I was not equip/experience to explain or understand tea drinking. There is always an nonverbal excitement when I came across good tea/pot, until you keep searching for the meaning. Over time, you will finally knows how to fully enjoy both, with good friends.
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