Thursday, August 17, 2006

The reason for visiting Korea....

Insadong, Seoul. The gathering of all sort of tea and pottery shops.

Kwangju, South of Seoul. Where all famous potters from Koryö and Chosön Dynasties gathered.

Underglaze Iron, Korean Celadon. Some of the most breath taking work of art. 16th C. Joseon period.


MarshalN said...

Insadong is great. Did you see the teashop with the 10 puerh cakes behind a frame and glass? I think that thing alone is worth like $50,000 USD given the kinds of tea in it.

toki said...

I think that is run by a Tawinese business man. Korean are the up-and-coming puerh collectors now... I was looking for buncheong pottery mainly.

MarshalN said...

Yeah, they are definitely interested in puerh these days. Slimming, so all those Korean housewives love it.

Seriously, there's a business to be made there :)

Ateava said...

Very interesting post! I've always been very interested in the lack of mainstream interest in tea in Korea. Looks like things are looking up (Korea has a beautiful tea history).


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