Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thank You.

It is my greatest joy and gratitude, that I had received these gifts for my wedding.
I started planting this "Virtual seed" back in May 2006, to share my adventure in the passage for tea.
Through time, this tea blog has became fruitful with like-minded mandarins.

Even though we have never met face to face sharing the same cup of tea, tea has drawn us together as friends.
I guess this will be the future of communication for man kind.... but I still see the age old Chinese tradition of sharing a cup of good tea, or offering each other tea as a gesture of harmony and peace. The Chinese saying of "Through tea, friends gather" will have a new meaning in our times.

I and my new family, sincerely thank you, Lawrence, Andrew and Stephane for having me in your thoughts and sharing all these wonderful gifts which we all treasured. I am certain that one day, even we are all apart now; Will gather together to share this wonderful experience that became our life long pursuit.

Yours Truthfully and Respectfully,
Timothy, Jooyoung and Toki.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Green tea from Korea. Finally!

Korean Green tea, April 06. Cost more then 100 US per 50g!
A cross between japanese green and Bi Luo Chun. Worth the experience.

Korean tea master usually add Cherry blossoms after the 3rd infus.
The tea then turns into an intense floral, almond flavor brew, best serve cool. I have to say the mouth feel and the aftertaste is more interesting then brewing it by itself. Very hard to get korean Cherry blossom though....
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