Sunday, October 21, 2007

What is Liu An? Sheng or Cooked?

Tasting this 5+ year-old basket Liu An this weekend with my lovely wife.
Got confused a little about LA. What I understand was: 1-LA should only be using spring buds to produce. 2-Only produce once a year. 3-From Anhui province. 4-Should be aged 2-3 years prior to sales/release.

So, is this the same species closer to puerh/oolong/green or red?

The floral was very pronounced with this LA, with a good aftertaste of sweetness and beet. Unfortunately, this only lasted for 6-7 infusions before it turns into sweet water. So, was this cooked or half/half? But the tea leaves do not seem to be too dark?

Should I take on adventure into Anhui province next year.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A very good paring....

2001 Monte "A" and a 16 years Liu An. What a good way to recover my lost tea time!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A good day in Montreal

Camellia Sinensis / Maison de the. A must visit tea tourist spot!
And they just ordered a large scale tea roaster! Can't wait to see or hear the result.
Anyone have the experience from this place yet?

Friday, October 12, 2007


My passion and love for tea was put into storage for a while, due to family duties.... And now, I am back for a little air.
Here is where my passion hibernate during the past few months.

Storage and aging tea is a very time consuming hobby, little less work then habanos. But still, at least twice a month I have to peep at them. Making sure no mold or anything intruding there sleep.

I keep them in 60-75 humidity and around 40-72 F. No sun and no wind. Just basement storage in North America.

For refine aging at least 3 years up (top pic.)
1. Clean tub, aired for a week and line with bamboo for another week covered.
2. Putting moist bamboo in the tub and cover, until meter reads 65-70. Take a week to stabilize.
3. Put Treasure in. Cover and read meter in 3 days. until meter reads 65-70. Sealed and forget about it.

For normal aging, immediate consummation (bottom pic.)
Leave in basement with mild and low air current (open window once a week). Control with humidifier.

Love the NY weather. So dry and cool in most basement, except summer time.
Will see how these treasure age in 3 years.
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