Monday, January 28, 2008

The 3rd Yiwu Cake.

These are the final cakes I commissioned from the same plantation/factory for our wedding favors:

Using Pre-Ming bud only from the same group of tea tree. Top image is the result of 2 years of aging (yesterday), the bottom is from the first month they arrived Nov.'06.

I store this in my tea room, and I believe is way too dry for storing pu. Still testing the result of 1.Storing them in a dry living area. 2.Basement storage and 3.Refine storage.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second cake from Yiwu

Using Yiwu fall harvest, same group of ancient trees from the first cake. My back-then-girl-friend actually stone pressed this one herself and signed it. 1 year later, I married her.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My first Yiwu Cake...

First time making a cake in Yiwu mountain, back in '05.

We went to a small village factory at the top of the mountain. Picked the mao-cha from '05 spring, which they've stored in warehouse (Sometimes depending on the factory, they might have mao-cha stored up to 20 yrs plus. Which of course, will fetch a much higher price and a higher tasting skill to know if its any good.) Tasted it and ordered them to be made as 1 pound cakes.

Here is the tasting back then. And the color changes after 3 years:

The tree we picked from are 400+ years old:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Went Hunting....

Got inspiration by MarshallN's blog to go tea hunting today. ChinaTown NY is an uncharted territory for tea lover, so many old Chinese Herbal Shops which might have stacks of aged puerh.... I came across this old shop on Mott, and found a cooked loose puerh in their basement. How I got into their storage is another story!?

Not bad for a $3 per oz. 15+ years, 2nd to 3rd graded Shu Pu. Of course, I purchase the full stack. (lesson from Mr. M) : ) Will bring some to the tea gallery this Friday for a group elvalution.

I ended up tasting it till this morning, after the group tasting at Tea Galley Friday.

The Chi is welcoming, and I was totally mellowed-out (old tea drank). Finishing off with a mild smoke to wake me up.

This cups I used are my favorite bone china kung-fu, with gilded edges. Gifts from a 50+ years old Kung-fu oolong tea house in Hong Kong. Hope Stephen can get the same and share with us : )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Korean tea house in NJ

I guess the "Puerh Wave" had landed in the Korean community. A 8582 for US $1990? Can't wait to ck it out!

Went there last night for a visit... Got this sample and was told it was a 15 years old pu. Don't know what it is, but will test it today.... to be continue.

A fine grade cooked loose pu it is. 10+ years and Not Bad : )

Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to recap all my puerh purchases from 2005... 7352 Meng Hai 1999

But forgot what this is (Just find out is 7352 Green).... Anyhow a young puerh purchased in Canton tea market. And is not that interesting so far.
The color got redder and is store open-air style. Why did I get so many!?

Paring it with a mild to full body petite to make it more interesting. The result is more spicy and nutty tea. 8g in a 250 pot for a whole day at the office. Smoky but for some reason smooth at the back of the throat, for a younger puerh? Got a little buzz from the smoke or from the tea : )..,,

Sunday, January 13, 2008

70's loose green Liu An

The size of the leaves looks like wild SX. This badge was ordered by the Tea Galley, from Michael info, it was produced in the 70's for a Hong Kong tea vendor's wedding. Still a bit young.... A robust body of aged mandarin orange peel, mint and bitter melon. Still tasting at the moment, will see how this develop....

The 4th day of tasting and finally it ended this morning.

After the first overnight brewing, there is a strong perfume aroma coming out from the dry leaves. Kind of artificial powdery at first impression. Overall bitterness still persist until the 3rd day, then turning to sweet floral water. Roughness up front, big minty at the back. Camphor/peppermint when consumed cool, which last for mins.

I guess this is not as delicate as the young bud version, but more Masculine in a sense. Given the large leaves and strong stems? Still not ready for another 10 years.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The red jujube Pu

Puerh get stranger if you start having date or jujube on the label....
This was a gift from a very respectable elder in Hong Kong. Notice the white dots flowing around the surface?
Mold, fungus or bugs! Taste really like dates and Chinese medicine, and the brews keep getting darker. Highly praised by the elderly, but unfortunately, not my cup of tea.

Happy 2008!

Cheers from Paradise.
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