Saturday, June 03, 2006

Too Much Rain in NY!

It's been pouring non-stop for 2 days! Well, at least my roses and peonies are blossoming. Shall I harvest to put into my puerh or let them have their natural glorious death....


MarshalN said...

Grrr, you made me sign up. Did you know that blogger is not accessible from China?

Anyway, you should pluck some and make rose red tea :)

davelcorp said...

This opens a question:

I will be moving to NY-State (Ithaca) in about 2years. How do you find the climate in NY for aging puerh? Do you use humidifiers/dryers, etc or just let the local enviorenment work on your tea?

toki said...

This is on my menu ! Rose Yixing Red and Rose cooked loose wild puerh.

And the Cellar, Aging room.... Thats some really "BIG" question. I have to post for that.

MarshalN said...

He built a humidor closet. One side's for his cubans, and the other side is for his puerh

Just kidding :). I'm curious how you store your tea. I need to find a better system. I think my tea is not aging much.

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