Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shi Feng '06

After 3 months searching for a decent Shi-Feng, the winner is a medium grade specimen.
Left pic. medium grade vs. Right pic. 2nd grade pre-ming.

The competitor were 5 grades of Shi-Feng '06. Pricing from 250 US per pound to 100 US.
3 higher grades of Shi-Feng came directly from The Tea Institute in West lake, Hangzhou. 1 medium grade from Canton, and the last one from T-Gallery NY, which is also a medium grade.

Although the Institute's Shi-Feng on the right had the best appearance and top pricing, it lacked the strength and dropped out at 3rd infus.
The Left medium grade from T-Gallery had lesser appearance. Both grades maintain the same characteristic of Shi-Feng: Green bean, Roasted grain/corn, floral, light aroma of rice and sweet, clean, refreshing seaweed finishes. Left one out brewed the higher grade at least 2 steepings.

I am not a big green tea fan, but if I have the 3 months Spring green craving next year. I will go for the medium late harvest instead.

A Specimen from the Original 18 Dragon Well trees on Shi Feng Mountain. Picked back in '03 from a visit to West Lake.
Today, the price from these original trees are auction at $130 US per gram.


MarshalN said...

You can definitely see the difference, and I agree, cheaper stuff is stronger and might be more suitable for us not-so-big-green-tea-fan. The top stuff is pretty weak.

Looking forward to all the young puerhs! :)

~ Phyll said...

^ Agree. Based on my very limited experience, the more expensive the long jing is, the more delicate the taste (I wouldn't call it "weak" per se).

PS: Haven't seen you around Winexiles. Fyi there are some recco for you in the Amarone thread you created.

toki said...

Sorry guys, been pretty tied up....
Have no chance to even taste anything!

MarshalN said...

Poor guy!

But you'll get to go to HK soon and taste lots. Think of it as a tradeoff

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