Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Little-leaf puerh

This is one of the small-leaf puerh specie highly priced and sought after in Yunnan - 小米香 ( Small Rice Fragrance). This 150 years + old tree is a rare specimen.

There are among 23 genera and 380 species of tea-producing plants - Camellia Sinensis in the world as of 1993, 15 genera and 260 species can be found in Yunnan including the prime site for the origin of tea trees. In 1990, China's first preservation nursery for big-leaf varieties was set up in Yunnan, where 607 big-leaf tea trees are being preserved.


~ Phyll said...

(For a sec, I thought you took the picture from high up in a helicopter, until I read the "small leave" description :)

When you say "genera," do you mean generation or something else? Thanks. How many more years of useful life this tree has approximately?

toki said...

Phyll- I mean genera (a taxonomic grouping) with different species. Like TW Oolong have Li Sha, Jade, Four season spring etc... This are species from the same genera.

I took this from a video cam. last year in Kunming. The poor thing was up-rooted from the wild a year ago and planted in someone's warehouse. There are others which grow up to 400-700 years in the wild as was told...

12:13 AM

MarshalN said...

Oh, then this particular tree must've taken some damage, poor thing.

I need to get myself to Yunnan, arrrr

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