Monday, March 22, 2010

Brewing Light TiKwanYin Oolong with Gaiwan

7g of top grade Anxi Xiping TikwanYin harvested in OCT 2009. How do tea masters brew it in Xiping? They mostly use a Gaiwan.

Here is the step-by-step how-tos:

1. Use a Standard (3 oz) / 4 serving Gaiwan set. Bring water to a boil until the bubbles are no larger then fish-eyes.
2. Fill the gaiwan with the heated water.
3. Pour the water from the gaiwan into the drinking cups. Once the cups have been heated, empty them and discard the remaining water in the gaiwan.
4. Place 5g of tea leaves into the heated gaiwan.
5. For the rinse; use fish-eye boiled water that has been slightly cooled. Pour a fine stream of water into one corner of the vessel, letting the leaves get rolled and tumbled by the water.

6. Pour out the rinse from the gaiwan immediately into all cups and then empty the cups.
7. For the first brew; pour slightly cooled down water in a fine stream (around 6 inches height) aimed at one spot below the rim until the leaves are just covered.
8. Cover with the lid and pour out after 5 seconds.
9. For the second brew; pour in a fine stream at a lower height then the 1st brew.
10. Use the lid to gently turn and loosen up tangled leaves.

11. Use the edge of the lid to skim off any foam
12. Cover the gaiwan with the lid at a slight angle creating a 0.25 inch gap.
13. Use your thumb and middle finger to hold the very tip of the gaiwan's rim, and index finger to hold onto the lid.
14. Pour out in a continuous stream. The 2nd brew should be steeped no longer than 20 seconds.
15. After the brewing session, display the spent leaves for their visual appreciation.


Justin said...

Those giant bags of tea are so cool! :)

Where did you get that awesome gaiwan? Probably nowhere that I have access to. :(

toki said...

Hello Justin. I know, which of those giant bag are the whole season harvest from a individual farmer. If they could sell it with a good price, then they could rest for the whole summer.

Glad that you like those gaiwan. They work wonders.

Cheers ~T

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