Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Thanks to the great team at The New York Asia Society, Michael, Yoshie and Fran, my deep bow to you. The Tea Event at the New York Asia Society was a huge success, with over 260 guests attended. After the screening of Tea and the World: The Meaning of Tea by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt. There was a book signing for Mr. Hoyt's tea book and a tea tasting reception. We celebrated the soft launch for The Mandarin's Tea Room. Michael and Dae from the Tea Gallery helped me to present a Kung-Fu tea tasting ceremony using a light Anxi Tikwanyi and a traditional roasted version, both harvested from Fall 2009. Although our guests had a split decision between my light TKY and Michael's heavy TKY. We did have a positive demonstration to our new tea lovers how diverse a same kind of oolong could be, with different processing and brewing methods.

Very nice meeting all of you who came by to have a sip, and thank you to everyone who I know for your support. I am looking forward to introducing more fine tea to my new and season tea friends.


Edward said...

The website is looking very nice!

Michael Vincent said...

Congrats on the launch of the Madarin's Tea Room buddy! The website looks great. The Western tea loving world can certainly use your expertise and eye for quality. Well done!

toki said...

Thank you Edward and Mr. Chairman. Glad that I pulled this together to both of your liking. Warmest~T

yumcha said...

Hey Tok,
Michael and I had a ton of fun that night. And it was great to see so many tea people. Thanks again for the gift of tea!

Gingko said...

Congratulations! The website is cool!

toki said...

Thanks Yumcha! You made the event sparkle and fun.
Lets do it again very soon.

And Thank you Gingko for your kind words and blessing. Still updating to try to make it better. Just like Kung-Fu tea practice. Enjoy ~ T

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