Thursday, September 03, 2009

A view of Aging Cigar by Min Ron Nee. Part 3 of 3

At this point, hope you are enjoying or at least learning something new from these posts about the similarity of aging tea and cigar. I do want to point out that all of these experiences are very much personal, and there is no right or wrong in doing what you think is good... just the result and consequence of anyone's choice. For me, I prefer to take the action of practicing them, rather than blind googling or listening to vendors or "masters' online. That's the reason I started this blog to begin with.

There are some interesting things about learning both 'hobbies', just looking at these jars shown above and the concept behind it and then comparing to Tea Jar that we use for storing puerh, Strong Coincidence?

Speaking of Coincidences, I have been fortunate enough to meet up with like-minded aficionados by random accident. I was filled with joy and excitement this morning when I received a mail from Mr. Nino who had the pleasure to meet with Min Ron Nee twice!! So I break out this Double Coronas Partagas and kick back on a Thursday afternoon..... Enjoy!

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sp1key said...

Nice set of articles. Thanks for sharing.

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