Monday, September 08, 2008

Korean Style Storage

This is a gift from my lovely wife. We found a very nice tea/pottery shop in Seoul this year and this is the result of our visit, plus fond memories of course.

What's in it? Korean tea from Matt's kindness gift. What else will be more suitable? I think I will age this ddok cha at least for a year before consuming. I'll be patient and it should be rewarded by more great memories ; )


Matt said...

What such a natural home for Korean tea.


scotttea said...

Forgive me for being curious, but I am soon to go to Seoul and would love to know where exactly you found that lovely vessel. I have also been told that Seoul has a large tea/teaware this true? I hope so!

toki said...

Hi Matt - we do share the same cup : ) btw, do you know this artist? I do not have his name....

Scotttea - InSa Dong (if I spell it right) is the way to go! There is a tea shop call "May Flower?".

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