Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Qing's Yixing lovers

These Qing's Dynasty (1644-1911) Yixing came in pairs. Lovers or perhaps partners for over a Century. Some have been repaired, and some will remain wabi.

These are all made by the same factory: Mansheng, of course not the real person Mansheng himself. Just imitation of the master's shape. I encountered a real ManSheng pot in Hong Kong Flagstaff museum once, and was a learning experience.

This one at the center is the only one came alone.... Over the weekend, I'd transformed him to a brand new person. Here are the before and after pics. Cleaning up patina of over a 100 year-old is also a learning and humble experience.


Nada said...

nice post - it's great to see these old pots.

what has been used to repair that pot with the vertical cracks?

toki said...

Thanks nada - They are gold gilded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Toki

nice post as usual. Great and inspiring pictures! Any suggestions on how to clean old Yixing teapots? Is it safe to keep the 'old patina' on the outside of the teapots?


Thomas said...

than you for sharing these pictures with us!
Very nice pots, I like a lot this kind of flat shape. An old teapot is always a real pleasure for the eyes...
the clay also looks very good. What kind of tea will you put in these pots?

How did you clean the pot?

As usual very beautiful pictures!

toki said...

SXT-It is safe to keep the patina outside, I think it looks prettier and with more character.... That's why I will clean one and leave the other as reference. Using bleach to soak overnight, clean and re-soak with water for another 2 days. Then boil it for 2 hrs.

Thomas-great that we are all enjoying the pics. They are old zhuni. The center old is a wuyi pot, for the shape of it. Cheers all-T

tsultrim topden said...

nice pots how did you buy that stuff ?

toki said...

Guan-Xi, Guan-Xi : )

author said...

For once I am speechless. (So beautiful)

Do you use your yixing ware often, T? You have such a collection - do you vary which pots you brew so that you rotate them somehow?

toki said...

so nice to see you Janine : ) Welcome Back!
The Tea picks the pot and Toki pick the Tea - T

Philippe said...

Fantastic... !
I like these teapots very much, some of them are really beautiful.

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