Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kizeamon Ido Chawan.... Impermanence.

flux, but it is as truthful as I can feel....

A Joseon (1392 - 1910) Lee Dynasty edo style? tea bowl.

Enjoy a moment of birth and rebirth from this vessel.



yumcha said...

I've been waiting for you to post these photos! You captured the glaze beautifully. It must feel wonderful to handle.

toki said...

Thanks Yumcha, and how' the battle with the cold my friend?

I am gonna bring it over soon to warm up your hands.

Cheers and take care. T

Matt said...


This bowl exhibits the shape and colour characteristics of a beautiful Jung Ho (Edo or Ido) chawan. The foot of this bowl is so interesting, wild, natural, and free. Although it deviates slightly from the typical flowering white glazed look, it is quite stunning in its own way. It is quite common for older bowls to have such a foot.

Again, thanks for sharing.


author said...

Gorgeous, T. Are there particular teas you like to drink from these? I bet that whatever you were in the mood for would be lovely from these cups.

rosehips&green said...

What is the tea? It looks wonderful. Eileen

toki said...

Hi there rosehips&green. I don't really know, it's a gift from my hair stylist:

Let me know if you know : P Cheers. T

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