Monday, August 11, 2008

'Guan-Xi' tea...

A spring of one single tea, could blossom to a distant friendship. The love of tea once again connect me with a like-minded mandarin, thousands miles away.

This "Guan-Xi"="...measure which reflects the depth of feeling within an interpersonal relationship..." paid-off! A generous and rare Oriental Beauty from Stephane, and brewed by a good friend from the Tea Gallery. Perhaps I could also reflect this moment of joy with Matt, whom just reviewed this tea at:

Comparing to what I had:

This "Perfect OB" is more flamboyant in character. A Perking Opera if I may: Bright, Colorful and Sharp (but not rough).
I requested Michael not to push it at all, instead, just to enjoy what it slowly provides... until the 7th brews. Good memory remain.

Thank you again Stephane, for another wonderful Taiwanese gem.

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TeaMasters said...

I'm glad you liked the tea and that it has created some kind of connection between you, Matt, Michel, myself and all who tasted it.

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