Friday, August 08, 2008

Baby sitting....

What would one do, if a good friend gave you his favorite pot to baby sit for 2 weeks?

1. Use it!
2. Document it's behavior and style.
3. Store it.

I will try to make it shine better. Keep feeding it with good tea for the rest of my baby sitting time : )


Wes Crosswhite said...

I would store it, but I'm the kind of guy who likes cheap pots because he doesn't need to worry about breaking them. :)

Salsero said...

That is one sweet looking baby beautifully photographed. How do you light those magnificent teapot shots you do ... or is that a trade secret?

I hope the liquid I see on it is tea and not single malt!

Thanks as always for sharing.

Matt said...

Love the first picture.

What a beautiful pot. The form and proportion is excellent for a yixing. Cherish the momments you have with it, use it as much as you can.


Jason M. Cohen said...

Is that from Stéphane at Tea Masters?
I have the same pot that I bought from him...

Salsero said...

OMG, for a second I thought it was the one I just got from Stéphane! How embarrassing would that be? I think mine is the more recent offering by the same artisan. Similar, but not the same. And mine doesn't get photographed so perfectly!

toki said...

I was thinking of storing it in the beginning, Wes. But, hey, how many chances can you have using such a great pot! I am using it everyday and enjoying it very much. And thank you Sal. The lighting is all natural, I only shot in natural night, the easiest and the prettiest : )

Matt-great that you are enjoying it. Comparing to your Korean collection, it is so interesting to learn the differences on the form and the shape, but at the end, it is how they all pleases the eye : )

This pot is from Michael, the owner of The Tea Gallery. One of his treasure babies from the 60's, I think. The first time he used it is for the 50's Red label, and I kid you not, once we brew the first steeping, the pot started to glow and shine like jade.... quite interesting moment:

Salsero said...

"This pot is from Michael, the owner of The Tea Gallery. One of his treasure babies from the 60's"
I am glad to see that my pot at least imitates something magnificent and old.

"Granny face powder"


toki said...

Thanks Sal. I do think this one is a imitate / rebirth of :

At least it got inspired by this classic "Shi Piao".

And Yes! Granny face powder is the best character I long for in a vintage pu : ) yummm!

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