Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New York City tea gathering 2008

As long as I can recall, this is the forth year of our annual tea gathering at The Tea Galley, NYC. So nice to see old tea friends and share tea adventures from the past years, chatting and catching up from each other.

As their usual generous nature, Michael and Winnie once again provided an amazing brew to us. The original Red Labels from the 50's, first time opening for 'The' occasion : ) Yummm..... tasting story-board will follow.

Based on Mr. Tang Puerh Cha book, there are 2 types of early Red Label from the 50's, and they were 5 to 10 yrs. apart.
The main difference between these 2 are the Cha Chi. Earlier one is more gentle and the later (which we tasted) is more aggressive...

We all got hit Hard by the very first sip. Mike P and Lew closed their eyes to enjoyed the roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, my nose and forehead area was feeling the Chi pressure elevating immediately from the first cup. Stoned to the point where I can not really focus. Seeing blurry and couldn't calculate distance. It was very powerful. Aged Mandarin's peel, dried plum, orchid aroma, amber, camphor, talc and granny face powder.... Everything I like was in it : )


Wes Crosswhite said...

Lucky you!

~ Phyll said...

Not to be outdone by you East Coasters, we West Coasters recently met for a tea tasting, too. :)

toki said...

Early June is the perfect tea time : )

H.C said...

Hi, I have drunk a shu pu-erh with the same logo, the red circle containing a red cha character. I got the bing in 2006 and it might have been a few years old already.

The tea was creamy and smooth, with an amazing cha-qi. I have tasted many pu-erh teas since but none equaled this cha-qi.

And now, that I found your blog post, I want to ask if you have knowledge of the name and source of this tea.

My contact is visarga hosted at gmail. Thank you and congrats on a great blog.

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