Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Gift but don't know what it is.....

I am not a big fan of DY factory, but this one do smell ok.... What is a 8592? Very confusing label: 80's good product award / traditional method / traditional formula. Cooked, Raw or half and half? Anyone, please.... tasting notes will follow.


Anonymous said...

It's a Menghai factory Da Yi Brand fully cooked cake. Judging by the logo, it's only one or two years old.
As for 8592, 85 is the year the blend was created (you'd need the stack ticket for the batch year/number), 9 means mostly grade 9 leaves (large end of the grade scale) and 2 is the Menghai factory code.

Da Yi is a well-known and very popular brand. I would be interested in hearing how this one tastes.

-- Dave N.

toki said...

This Cooked 2004 cake really sucks! A heavy herbal medicine taste. Long uncomfortable finish, which do not go away... yuks. Maybe 20 yrs later? I really don't care - T

~ Phyll said...

Toki, have you by any chance, tried Menghai's V93 cooked tuo? If yes, what is your opinion on it?

toki said...

Thanks for the info. Kerne and Phyll. Not a Dai Yi fan at all.... Do you have a photo of the V93 or have you tried this 8592 before? -T

~ Phyll said...

No, I have not tried the 8592. I've tried the V93, which is ok. It's supposed to be Dayi's better shupu product.

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