Thursday, May 25, 2006

KUNMING, YIWU, NANNOU. 2005 Pre-Ming bings.

Yiwu, still the winner for me.

To say the least, yiwu is a very challenging tea. The ability to please both the palate and intellect.
This 2005 spring bing in the middle, holds all 4 characteristics a young yiwu should have:
1. Qing
2. Camphor
3. Bamboo
4. Orchid

Hint of smoke / firewood / camphor and strong / dense sweetness aroma on rinse leave.

Wholesome "complex", offering multidimensional aroma / flavor, without heaviness. Wordless to describe the pleasure, challenging the palate, layers upon layers in one-dimension quality.

Hint of bitterness, bamboo, camphor, green tea, with little bite and lumping to the lips. Then it hits you with the orchid frangent and sweetness that coats the throat in bursts and brut after-taste.

This is why I enjoy young bings. The vigor and energy, stubbornness not to mellow down. Much like myself, death with a fight! With all these character, maturing of this tea will be an exciting process....


davelcorp said...

by Qing, do you mean green/blue color?
Is this indicative of a better quality leaf, or better standard of processing?

toki said...

I meant the taste and aroma of Qing.

Like a cross between a yellow tea and light oolong (Qing Cha).

It's simple one of the personality from the place of origin.

Jason Fasi said...

beautiful...but what factory made it? :)

toki said...


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