Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cheng Shouzhen, Zhen Ji

The original 1915 Cheng's globular shape from the Flagstuff House museum of Tea Ware, Hong Kong.
What amazes me is the size of this beauty... it can hold at least 600 ml of water. The glow is quite something.


Unknown said...

Great find, thanks. Differences between a master's work and a common is obvious even from this image.

MarshalN said...

Yeah, the thing is huge, and notice the glow is not a really shiny one, but rather is a subdued glow. There are a lot of pots out there these days that are very, very shiny....

author said...

So how would one use a pot this size for gong fu cha? Would you not have to brew with different methods using less tea?

- Janine

Matt said...


That pot is a beauty.

So vibrant and balanced for a pot this size.

Wonderfully balanced pots like this one seem to hint at movement even when stationary- like they're begging to be used.

That pot is a beauty.

Thanks T.


sp1key said...

Nice teapot, Nice pictures

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