Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kenneth Rexroth, Chinese and Japanese Poems

Living a tea life don't just make me more calm and patient to others, it also affects my works and art directions.

If I am not into Tea or Qingbai Ware from the Sung/Yuan periods, Chinese calligraphy nor Japanese precious stones inlay lacquer box... perhaps I will never been inspired enough to do these design. A Chu Kuang-Hsi or Oshikochi No Mitsun's poems will likely be interpret by ones mind very differently.


Bureau of Public Secrets said...

Many of Rexroth's translations (as well as his own writings) are online at


toki said...

Thanks BPS. But I was hoping people will buy the book, kind of a simulus package, you know : )

author said...

Rexroth's translations rank high among my favorite works of literature. We are so lucky to have these beautiful poems (and this translator/poet).

These publications are perfect forms for this poetry: a size to carry along, a good quality of paper for lots of use and re-reading and sharing, and generous borders for marking one's place. I can't praise it enough - they also make a great gift for anyone. Thank you T!

- Janine

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