Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3740 plus years old tree

Have the luxury to taste this rare specimen again today at T-gallery, with "The" company of friends : )


davelcorp said...

hello, I'm enjoying your blog. It was forwarded to me by a friend of yours in Boston.

That is quite an impressive looking bing. Can you please tell me more about it? How was the tasting?


toki said...

Thank you for your visit and am glad you are enjoying it. My friend's blog is very interesting also, have you take a tour yet?

Yes, quite a impressive tea. This is one of the oldest harvesting tea tree. They only can harvest every other year, which make it one of the most expensive young bing.

Taste and aroma have almost all the qualities of a fine young puerh, very alluring. Plus the full, round mouth feel of a aged one. No plum or talc yet, but is full of potential. Good consistent Cha Chi, nothing overpowering or intruding, not smoky or astringency but rather mellow. Sweet and clean after-taste. Clear evolution of steeping, layers and Layers of characters from each infusion. We only when up to 10 brews +- and should carry-on for 10 more or so.

So you are studying Chinese medicine. Very interesting subject indeed. I was told by a Chinese med. doctor that 50 plus old puerh if stored correctly, can be included as a neutral link for herbal formula?

davelcorp said...

Where is this tree located... is it a yiwu?

I'm not sure I understand what your Dr. meant by neutral link. Is he implying that it can be used to harmonize the contradictory characteristics of herbs within a formula? If so, that seems like a very expensive way to achieve an effect that is easily done with some very cheap herbs such as gan cao (licorice) and sheng jiang (fresh ginger.) If he had a different meaning, then I'm not sure what he is saying.

Either way, if I had a properly stored 50yr puerh, I would just enjoy drinking it.

No, I didn't know Lawrence had a blog, I'll have to bug him for the link. Thanks for the scoop.

toki said...

I think is in Nannou, I will ck for you.

The Neutral Link is a group of herbs / animal parts / insects that harmonize the formula to the patient, not the medicine itself.

Patient can intake the formula with greater effects? The weaker the patient, the better quality of this NL should be. Like "Chow" (the really old ginseng from Northern China / Korea... the one that looks like a baby) as I was told. please no laughing !?

davelcorp said...

ah, thank you. I think I know what you are trying to explain. Is there a mandarin word for this term Neutral Link?

toki said...


toki said...

You are The Doctor, hehe.... I have not a clue???

I was told by an old doctor of the family, who like to use the most exotic of ingredients.

kindly let me know if you find out. But 50+ raw bings are definitely included!

~ Phyll said...

Isn't this the beeng from Best Tea House that is selling for like US$2,000/beeng? It looks mighty awesome!

toki said...

yup Phyll - A whole month salary! Growing 15-20% every year in price too!!

Bill said...

Yes, this is a very intersting example!


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