Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chance of a Life Time!

Had this greatest honor to design and package a book about American Chinese in New York City!

After 3 months of soul searching, artistic break-down and intense deadlines, A book by Ann Volkwein was finally released last week! For me, is the Chance of a life time! And of course, what is a book about Chinatown without tea : ) There is a section for tea adventure, which personally made my day!

This is Ann's second book published by Harper Collins, we did collaborated for the first one also, which subjects are American Italian in NY:

Ann Volkwein is an amazing writer and food editor. Her spirit and passion inspires and touched every one of us whom are fortunate enough to work with her. With Vegar Abelsnes photographer Genius, this is bound to be a Fruitful Success!

She is currently working on the next book - Austin Texas.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your work, congradulations!

toki said...

Thanks beecrofter! I was thrill : ) -T

LaoChaGui said...

This book looks really great. You should join the Amazon Affiliates program so you can get a couple dollars whenever anyone orders the book through your link. At least this way you're not giving Amazon free advertizing.

toki said...

Thanks Will! How?

LaoChaGui said...

go to this page and click join. Follow their instructions. When they send you an email that says you've been accepted, you can go to their website and make links to their page with the book you designed. The website will automatically generate HTML code which you can cut and paste into your blog. You can either paste it directly into a blog post, or even better go to "Manage your blogs" click on "layout" then click on "add a page element" select the "HTML/JavaScript
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog. " choice and paste the HTML code in there.

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