Monday, October 15, 2007

A good day in Montreal

Camellia Sinensis / Maison de the. A must visit tea tourist spot!
And they just ordered a large scale tea roaster! Can't wait to see or hear the result.
Anyone have the experience from this place yet?


MarshalN said...

Where is it? I've been to Montreal a few times, but never been to this place.

toki said...

Montreal - 351 Emery or 7010 Casgrain.

Olof H said...

Maison de thé is really a great tea house, and perfect for both people who has newly discovered tea, and those who collect, and really love tea.
The best tea I've had on camellia sinensis is the "Fu Zi Zhuan 1987", a cubic pu er from 1987. I tell you, if you ever come a cross this tea, you have to try it!

Unknown said...

Camellia Sinensis! I was just scrolling through your old posts, and am pleased to see that you've been here. I live in Montreal, and it is, of course, where I get the majority of my tea. Great blog!

toki said...

Thanks Meaghan ; ) Next time if you have a chance to come to NY, may I introduce you to a equally interesting place here? Looking forward to your visit. Cheers - T

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