Friday, May 25, 2007

"Appraisal & Appreciation" of Yixings: 3. Ornamental Value

The main point in appraising a pot's ornamental value is its combination of artistic and practical values. It is confortable to touch and durable in use. Its handle is perfectly balanced. it is perfectly sturdy, the opening and the lid should be ornamental in themselves, and the tea should flow steadily when poured from the pot. A pot with ornamental value will be pleasing to touch and to see. The pleasure it bring stimulates beauty from the heart and bring forth happiness.

-Master He Daohong was born in 1943 and started his art life with Wang YinChun in 1958.


Philippe said...

Dear Toki,

Looking at your blog I was wondering if you really live in NYC or if you're based somewhere around Shanghai?
I'll soon go to Shanghai for few days and I'd like to go to Yixing. I'm interested to take pictures of teapot processing. Would you have any advice where to go?


ankitlochan said...


i would like to subscribe to ur blog and receive regular updates.

can you help me on this please?


toki said...

-Hi Philippe.
Just some old traveling in the past... Still stuck in the Big Apple. I know my reply is long overdue, and hope you did had a amazing journey in China.
If its not too late. Yixing factory/museum is a must!

-Welcome Ankit.
I am not sure how to do subscription on blog, still new to this concept of blogging. If I could just e-mail you from the link you've provided?


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