Monday, February 05, 2007

Taiwanese Pots for the best Taiwan Oolong

Got this excellent Da Yu Ling Luanze from Stéphane for our wedding gift, Which pot should I use? A Taiwan High Fired Yixing (above) or A Taiwan stone pot from Jiuzhuang (below).

May be I should consult teamaster first....


TeaMasters said...

I would recommend a glazed gaiwan!

The Taiwanese looks a little too shiny. On the other hand, the round shape is good. So, I wonder if... Maybe the stone teapot is better then, but I haven't tried stone yet. In theory, it doesn't handle and keep heat as well as clay. But a hard material would be good...

Best is to try. And please report your findings!

MarshalN said...

So which did you end up using?

toki said...

I am going to us the Taiwanese 麥飯石 Maifan stone pot for brewing today.

Tracing Tea said...

Hi Toki,

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