Monday, July 03, 2006

Xiaguan 2006 Baoyan / Xiaguan 2005 Nan Zhao

Xiaguan 2006 Baoyan Mini-Beeng
Broken medium leave. Many long / medium stems. Machine pressed.
Heated Leaf aroma:
Smoky bacon / meaty.
Water temp: Crab/fish eye.
Infusion and ratio:
6g in 150ml gaiwan. brief rinse, 60s rests, 20s, 20s, 30s, 60s, 60s
Liquor color:
Medium clarity, golden pale green.
Flavor Notes:
Smoky, Medium pungent, mild body, flat finish.
Best Infusion: 2nd.
Cha Qi: lacking.
A quiet/mild specimen. Commercial bing, low land machine harvested.
Age-ability: poor.
Would I buy this tea: No.

Xiaguan 2005 Nan Zhao raw beeng
Broken medium leave mixed with young leaves. Short small stems.
Heated Leaf aroma:
Mild Smoke, seaweed, grassy, corn.
Water temp: Crab/fish eye.
Infusion and ratio:
6g in 150ml gaiwan. brief rinse, 60s rests, 20s, 30s, 30s, 60s, 60s....
Liquor color:
Medium clarity, light amber golden.
Flavor Notes:
Grassy, medium tannis/pungent, seaweed-high mountain oolong character. Later steeping: Numbing lips, bitter sweet finish.
Floral. Medium body and good complexity. Cider wood, clean & sharp on tongue, moisturizing & sweet throat.
Best Infusion: 3rd onwards.
Cha Qi: Good and calming.
My favorite so far beside the clarity! A high mountain harvest/semi-wild specimen? Great layers, not overwhelming but complex. Very enjoyable and relaxing. Could be aged better?
Age-ability: Good
Would I buy this tea: Yes. How much and which area?

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NCChoo said...

I have a large collection of 2005 Nan Zhao as a form of investment. The climate (temperature & humidity) in Malaysia where I am staying, is very conducive to tea aging. The experts say that one year of tea aging in the Malaysia is equivalent to about 3 years in temperate countries.

My Nan Zhao Puerh tea has now aged to a level where the colour of the infusion from the third round,is light brown and the taste is devoid of that of raw tea and the smoky smell is at a minimum. The flowery fragrance is very distinct.

I am no tea drinking expert but some friends who are told me the taste is excellent approaching that of a good aged tea. From the eight infusion onwards, it tastes sweet.

I am very pleased to have this collection of tea to savour as well as an investment vehicle.

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