Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shooting Wuyi in Snow light

Photographing using snow light or in rainy daylight is always a blessing. The unusual natural lighting always create such romance and mystery to the shot. I am enjoying the first white out before christmas with my Wuyi Oolong tea setting. Wishing you all a warm, cosy Christmas. T


author said...

Snow and Wuyi! I made it out just before the snow, and I envy some of you folks out there because I love the snow. And that dark burnished pot looks wonderfully roasty too for the snow. Poetic post!

- J

lionel said...

fantastic photo !
thank you very much
merry christmas

lionel, france

Arcane-Dissonance said...


Beautiful shot and lovely tea ware as usual! I especially love the aroma cup as it reminds of a still blooming tulip. With such an impression, the fragrance within it must be far from ordinary.


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