Thursday, December 17, 2009


My deepest Salute to Mr. MarshalN.! A set of Antique Japanese pewter cup saucers for the Holidays. One of the few items missing for my tea room. Now, it is completed and I am content. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Happy Holidays!


author said...

Gorgeous! Would love to hear more history (also of what looks like the antique bronze incense burner) if you get a chance... lucky man! Kudos to you and Mr. Marshal, and they look really lovely with your cups in the photo.
- J.

Haixia Marina Lin said...

Hmmmm, looks really nice ^-^

toki said...

Thank you Author, that's a Qing replica Bronze incense burner from the forbidden city.

And Welcome Ms. Lin, from the White Rabbit : ) ~T

Edward said...

Very nice, I've been looking for a set recently and haven't found one as nice as yours.

MarshalN said...

Hope you find them useful. I can't drink tea without these nowadays.

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