Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Menghai 8582, 2009 Yixing Red, 1990's Old Bush Wuyi Shui Xian

After 2 weeks of resting from jet lag, most of my tea and myself are almost recovered from bottle shock. The best way to cure the distress was to drink, drink and drink more. Safe to say, we went through almost 2 pounds of fine tea within this couple of weeks.

The choicest so far are aged Shui Xian, and a late 80's 8582. Also got some samples of a fine grade Yixing Kung-Fu Red. I've found 5 kinds of Shui Xian from this trip, 50's to 2008. The most amazing is the 2007 Wuyi SX Special Select, which tastes like a fine bordeaux wine! Shui Xian characters still continue to amaze me. Wide range of bouquets from Peony, to Habanos; Aloeswood to Fine Cognac; Aged Moutai to Château Margaux... hitting all the right spots.

This Menghai 8582 from the late 80's is somewhat 'Mandarins' too. Before 1990's 8582 is my favorite recipe from Menghai factory. A very challenging puerh imo, like a wild horse. The stages are rugged and awarding, powerful and challenging for the mind.... sadly the productions after 1990's are flat and uninteresting (compared to the former). Not to mention the current productions from 2000 and onwards, after Dayi took over... 'Commercial' is the only comment this graphic designer could kindly come up with.

This is a traditional Hong Kong Storage, which means 'wet stored'. After the 4th infusion, the 'storage' smell is mostly washed off and rounded, leaving the 80's Menghai unique characters of: Rose talc perfume, aged plum and camphor. I am aging this in my baby onggi at the moment, to further soften the storage taste. Will see how my aging technique might enhance this 80's treasure.

Of course, nothing will be complete without my daily choice of a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2.


Trent said...

Tim, its as if this post was designed to make me green with envy... aged sheng, yixing red AND aged yancha in the same image?!!??!?

Jokes aside, given that those are my 3 favorite teas, this may be my favorite tea-related post online.

author said...

Wow, my favorites -- the ShuiXian and the Yixing red! Grr! (well, I guess if you'd mentioned an unreal keemun that would really tip me over the edge.) It's not good to make people jealous and mad at you for not sharing! ;-)

toki said...

Alrighty, seems like we have a tea group here. The Three Musketeers for that Three-Must-Have tea selects. Mark the place and time... tea on me, of course : P T

Lew Perin said...

Safe to say, we went through almost 2 pounds of fine tea within this couple of weeks.

2 *pounds*!? When you say "we", how many people are you speaking of?

I'm tempted to say your discernment is matched only by your capacity.

author said...

I am so ready, thank you generous sir! However we are imminently on our way West for the Xmas break ... I look forward to seeing you & good company when we return

toki said...

Dear Lew, long time my friend : ) How are you? Hope to have tea again soonest. Yup, my capacity is getting close to a buffalo... hopeful, not my palate and manner : (

I had 4 people to feed these days in the office... and those kids do have a buffalo palate, and thirst to match unfortunately.... Well, have to start somewhere : ) Happy Holiday to you and Ms. Author. Lets meet up after the Holidays? ~ T

author said...

love to see all of you (Hi Lew... it's Janine E.... best to your "better half" as well)

Lew Perin said...

Janine and Toki: Live it up during the holidays! And afterward let's explore some of the riches of tea together.

Trent said...

Tim, assuming the University of Chicago rejects me, I'm living in Boston or NYC for the next 4 years. So... having tea together is a very real possibility.

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