Friday, December 11, 2009

Kyara, Aloeswood

A thought on Burning incense: "....The fungus and decomposition process continue to generate a very rich and dark resin to form within its heartwood. This is the preferred resin used in making fine Japanese incense. The resin created as an immune response makes the most sacred oil on the planet . As you can see the wood is extremely rare and often very difficult to obtain, as well as being quite expensive. The best quality is Kyara. Kyara comes in four types: Green, Iron, Purple, and Black.

There are many stories about aloeswood being buried under the ground for hundreds of years. This legend comes from an old Chinese book on incense, but today most aloeswood comes from infected trees that, although in the process of decaying and dying, are indeed still standing. However, sometimes the roots become infected with the fungus and these can be found underground....."


yumcha said...

I can smell the Aloeswood.. Amazing post on such a beautiful rarity. Thanks Toki. I'll always be grateful for your aloeswood experiments at the Tea Gallery. I learned so much from those days.

author said...

Hey T - lovely incense burner, you should tell us more about it. I am crazy for the scent of aloeswood and kyara. Lately my incense collections have started to include a passion for sandalwood I didn't have before either... can't live without it one way or the other :-) Would love to do a scent session with koro sometime and some tiny slivers of these woods to check them out

toki said...

Thanks Ladies : ) Lets plan on a gathering in the City soonest? Happy Holidays ~ T

author said...

Happy holidays to both of you! we're on our way out west for the Xmas break, look forward to meeting again soonest after return
best to all from J

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