Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nannuo 2006 Pre-Ming 明月号

Doing a tasting for Teachat

A private commissioned in 2006 pure Nannuo Mt. old tea tree.


Salsero said...

Great pictures as always. I love the honey golden glow and the fact that I can click on the pictures and see them larger.

With gong fu this much of a feast for the eyes, who cares what the tea tastes like!

Trent said...

You've convinced me... I NEED to find a cup that allows me to "hang dry" my yixing.

What exactly is "quenchless"?

toki said...

Thanks Sal. I will send out your package end of the week, so we can both feed the eyes and taste buds.

Trent- Quenchless, is how the tea make your mouth feel. Different then aftertaste or 'return sweetness', eg:
If it makes you salivate on both side or the cheek. Moisturizing the back of the tongue. Drying up your tongue and make you thirsty. Or a smoothness coating all the way to the stomach (aka sweet spot).

Salsero said...

Last night I think I finally found the "Granny Face Powder" aroma ... in the the Nadacha Nannuo! It reminds me of rose water which I smelled once years ago, definitely floral ... perhaps orchid or rose. Very exciting moment for me when I said, "That's what Tim is talking about!!"

toki said...

Rejoice! Its magical right Sal! It will only gets better if you age the Nannuo in a refine way. Nostalgic... me like : )

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how these expert tea tasters are able to identify the different flavors and aromas. The ability to describe the sensations impresses me. I'm not interested in starting my own tea-tasting blog but I am getting better at seeing what it is I sense with tea of my own. --Jason

Adam M. Y. said...

Hey, Just heard back from The Tea Gallery. They do have an opening that I signed up for, on Saturday Aug. 15 at 2pm.

Hope you can make it.

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