Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Drink Chinese Oolong Tea

A "Five Style" Yixing sets for oolong.

#1 has not been use, and #4-5 are the most popular. Can you tell the shine/patina different?
Companying the images, my second tea cast. Please enjoy my 2009 Anxi Xiping TGY.

Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea from TIMOTHY HSU on Vimeo.


Brandon said...

Dear TIM,
Big improvement, especially NICE SOUND.

Zero the Hero said...

Great stuff Toki! Always fun to see someone's tea drinking ritual. I've never seen a stand for a yixing lid before!

toki said...

Brandon, I am glad that you enjoyed. Just trying to catch-up with you : )

Zero the Hero-Welcome and thanks for your kind words. Toys Toys and more Toys!

Anonymous said...

It seems you have Yi Xing pots for Anxi, Wuyi, Dan Cong, and...did I miss you saying any Formosa or Taiwan Oolongs? Would those be like Anxi these days? I have different Yi Xing cups for Oolong, Black, Green, and Puer Tea. You have me thinking it would be good to separate the different Oolong types too. I just don't know how I would remember which cup is for which type of tea if I got that specific with them. --Jason

toki said...

hi Jason, I don't have one in this "five style" series for Taiwanese oolong. But if I have to dedicate one, it will be the shape used for the Anxi.

Anxi oolong and Taiwanese oolong is very similar in shape/style, but the taste are very different. I always like to quote it as Napa Cab vs a Bordeaux.

If you are using yixing cups, I would separate them. BTW, do you wash the yixing cups after every session : P Cheers T

Anonymous said...

I don't wash them but I have started just rinsing them out afterward with regular tap water. I know not to use any soap or cleaner on them. I rinse and then turn them upside down for a few minutes so they dry out well. --Jason

toki said...

I see, Jason and I also see you are in the publishing business : )

Anonymous said...

Yes. My book is called "Spirituality of Tea." I'm going to see about reserving different Oolong cups for Wuyi, Anxi, Formosa, and Dan Cong. --Jason

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, but nothing about how to make oolong tea

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