Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coney Island

Went to Coney Island with my wife for some hot dogs, a sudden urge coming from the blues. Perhaps the murky sky and tropical humidity play a role on my impulse? The first thing that captured by my iphone was the rapid changes of the sky. (later on, it was reported tornados touchdown in Brooklyn and 5 people were struck by lighting). A photographic moment I like to remember, as inspired by my good photographer friend Jason Fulford's work.

Sunday Afternoon, a struggle to decide which one to cut on a nice rainy afternoon.... Cigar advocates will fight to the death between these two sticks. Which one would you pick paring with a Floral drinks like a Nannuo? Big Lew's tea was finally selected to pair with the Monte 2.

Besides the Tornados touchdown, too many chili dogs, and the golf ball size rain. It was a mellow and relaxing evening to savor.

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