Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Went Hunting....

Got inspiration by MarshallN's blog to go tea hunting today. ChinaTown NY is an uncharted territory for tea lover, so many old Chinese Herbal Shops which might have stacks of aged puerh.... I came across this old shop on Mott, and found a cooked loose puerh in their basement. How I got into their storage is another story!?

Not bad for a $3 per oz. 15+ years, 2nd to 3rd graded Shu Pu. Of course, I purchase the full stack. (lesson from Mr. M) : ) Will bring some to the tea gallery this Friday for a group elvalution.

I ended up tasting it till this morning, after the group tasting at Tea Galley Friday.

The Chi is welcoming, and I was totally mellowed-out (old tea drank). Finishing off with a mild smoke to wake me up.

This cups I used are my favorite bone china kung-fu, with gilded edges. Gifts from a 50+ years old Kung-fu oolong tea house in Hong Kong. Hope Stephen can get the same and share with us : )


MarshalN said...

This is cooked?

The colour of the tea is awfully light!

toki said...

Long time, my friend. Hope all is well.

That's 2 days of drinking, got a little thin at the end... hehe

Still I hope is a sheug for that price : P

Ivan said...

tea with cigar? 0_o
is it possible to feel anything?

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