Sunday, January 13, 2008

70's loose green Liu An

The size of the leaves looks like wild SX. This badge was ordered by the Tea Galley, from Michael info, it was produced in the 70's for a Hong Kong tea vendor's wedding. Still a bit young.... A robust body of aged mandarin orange peel, mint and bitter melon. Still tasting at the moment, will see how this develop....

The 4th day of tasting and finally it ended this morning.

After the first overnight brewing, there is a strong perfume aroma coming out from the dry leaves. Kind of artificial powdery at first impression. Overall bitterness still persist until the 3rd day, then turning to sweet floral water. Roughness up front, big minty at the back. Camphor/peppermint when consumed cool, which last for mins.

I guess this is not as delicate as the young bud version, but more Masculine in a sense. Given the large leaves and strong stems? Still not ready for another 10 years.


Steven Dodd said...

The large cups/bowls are for your guest in the first picture, right?

toki said...

thats for me Steven, All for me : ).... the smaller ones are for each infusion left over, so i can recap later for the changes and make notes.

Philippe said...

Poor Toki... He seems to be dreaming : "If only my master could be a famous butcher rather than a great connoisseur of tea !!"

toki said...

hahaha... thanks philippe. I am trying to tame my lion hunter to be more of a vegetarian : ) Seems like he is debating about that concept.

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