Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Korean tea house in NJ

I guess the "Puerh Wave" had landed in the Korean community. A 8582 for US $1990? Can't wait to ck it out!

Went there last night for a visit... Got this sample and was told it was a 15 years old pu. Don't know what it is, but will test it today.... to be continue.

A fine grade cooked loose pu it is. 10+ years and Not Bad : )


Matt said...

I am currently living in Korea and I can tell you first hand that Puerh tea's popularity is spreading faster than a bad Kim Jong-Ill rumour!

toki said...

Hi Matt.
This place will have a testing this week for some 7572, Yiwu wild and 8582. I am so game to see what is going on in the Korean Community for Puerh fever....

Anyhow, was in Korea 2 years ago and found out tea stores were popping up left and right! Might be there again this May. Hope to see you and have a cup of pu?
Cheers - Toki

Matt said...

I'm game for a cup with you ol' dog. I'm currently residing in Daegu, unfortunately, I will be traveling back to Canada mid May and won't be back until June. Tea is quiet serious here. In fact there's an annual tea festival at the end of May or start of June in Daegu.

toki said...

Got to try their 8582.... Unfortunately, it tasted like a 5 years old pu. Maybe Beijing weather is really dry, c'os that is were they got 2 tongs of it.

Do they re-make 8582 after 2000?

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