Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second cake from Yiwu

Using Yiwu fall harvest, same group of ancient trees from the first cake. My back-then-girl-friend actually stone pressed this one herself and signed it. 1 year later, I married her.


Tuo Cha Tea said...

The cake looks great (and pretty aged for being only 2005).

It was certainly a good decision to marry a girl who can make such a good pu-erh!! :-)

Michel said...


To quote Otis Reading with this cake" You'll have dreams, dreams to remember ..."

What magic! such meaningfull pu!

I'm desperatly trying to save what is left of my 2kg stash of 20 years old loose sheng that my partner drank while breastfeeding our two children.

toki said...

Thanks you both : )

Pu is should a wonderful gift. You can store them for as long as you want or even pass on to the next generation...

Michel-Hope you will save what left of the 2kg, or you can reorder and store some more? At least you have 2 children which will treasure them and past them along. Best -Tok

Michel said...

if only i could reorder that tea, my partner would stop calling me stingy (she steals only the best and rarest, old dry stored sheng of 20 years), she drinks it in a large teapot;
I come back from work and a guilty grinn is written on her face!
No one sells that quality anymore and at 30 $ a 100g! ah the good old days..

toki said...

Michel-Where did you got them?

What I've learned so far for being married - As long as your partner is HAPPY. Hey, large pot, small pot, still you got some good memories and cup of good tea : )

Michel said...

I know you are sOO right is it wrong of me keeping those 200g left for in 10 years time?

I bought the last 2 kg from a chinese tea salsman in Paris. It's with this tea I discoved Sheng.

YOu want to try it? do send me an email.

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