Friday, May 05, 2006

A Yangta Big White Puerh

This comes in a 2000g cake form. A kind tea friend from Boston translated the description from the box:

The special characteristics is that the tea trees are of a good variety. The buds and leaves are covered with small hair, and the made tea is heavy and solid, with obvious white hairs. The tea leaves are also silvery white, with a high fragrance and the tea liquor is clear and bright, with a smooth taste and sweet aftertaste, and is durable in infusions. It is named after the producing region's specialty.

The producing region is in the Mingle village, Dacun yangta (place name, I presume). The area is covered is mountainous and covered in dense forests, and the climate is mild. It has been under cultivation for over 140 years. Around 1840, the Chen family brought a few dozen seeds from jiangya (?) tea hills , stored them in a bamboo shaft and carried them back to plant. The trees are still there. White tea is different from other teas in that the colour is specially white, looks good, and the officials responsible of the area at the time ordered them to make "White Dragon beard round tea" and used it to paid tribute to the central court, thus it became a rare exotic tea.

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