Monday, May 22, 2006

A June 2003 3000g Buds only Cake

This is one of the finest large cakes I'd encountered so far.

Top image is the 001 memorial cake of 999 made for the movie 茶马古道 Tea and Horse Road, the signatures were from the whole crews of the movie production team. This cake was shot in Kunming last November 05 and the bottom images are one that I purchased.

Interesting thing is the aging difference of both. 001 cake is stored in the store exposed. Mine is within the packaging.
The Kunming one shows sign of aging in a very evenly manner and coloring of a 5-9 years cake, very brown for a 3 years old. Mine is still very green....

I am storing mine in Hong Kong and will see the difference it will make comparing location, climate and open air vs. sealed.

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