Saturday, May 27, 2006

Between NANNOU and YIWU

It's merely a 2 hrs drive between Nannou and Yiwu. But the direction of agriculture has taken a very different turn.

Lining the hills is not tea but RUBBER! Because of the fast growing rate / profit margin of rubber, plus the changing economy in Malaysia and Indonesia. Farmers are growing rubber instead of tea in these region, forcing old tea plantations to be re-planed.

Rubber plantation on the left. (Looks like tea to me in the beginning).

Wild Bamboo forest in Yiwu, which contributes to the bamboo character in the tea and usage of packing with its leaves.

Middle bottom is "Coal". It is still the main energy source, so as the source of smoky flavor. (Just my option in some cases).

Finally, the famous / infamous camphor... the trunk in the middle. Most of the younger tea plantations have no "Wild habitat" surrounding the tea, so you just add some...


davelcorp said...

Beautiful photos! Are they your work?

toki said...

Amature photographer at work. Thank you.

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