Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A view of Aging Cigar by Min Ron Nee. Part 1 of 3

Just finished a Monte 2 from 2002. An the mysterious 'Granny face powder' showed herself in the third stage.... the same character of a Nannuo. As Salsero pointed out on teachat regarding the same encounter: "...Bill had a very strong impression from his childhood of the aroma of Granny Face Powder which he remembers as a flour-like Coty powder that could fill a room it was so light. For a while he thought he detected some of that aroma, but it was only one of so many fleeting smells and tastes that we were pretty bowled over by the tea and after losing track of the number of infusions (all quite short) we were too tea drunk to continue...."

I would like to share a dialog with cigar enthusiasts and pureh aficionados based on some personal experiences and facts, regarding these two subjects on aging Cigar and tea and how they changes the profile in the coming posts.

source and credit to Mr. Min Ron's An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars

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Anonymous said...

Hm. Granny face powder. Not sure I remember any of that myself. But I am having interesting memories of greens and earth with my Pu-erh this morning. I think I'm in love... --Spirituality of Tea

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