Friday, September 11, 2009

Dayi 250g Cooked brick April 1994

One of the lost puerh tucked away inside a tin box. No big fan of Dayi, almost like drinking a Mondavi's house Merlot, meanwhile you know they also make Opus. But sometimes I just want to enjoy something simple or less poetic, when deadlines and challenging design solutions start to pile up.

Perhaps the reason I picked this up was the blooms covering the brick. As you can see, it also blossomed on my '94 Monte 4.
The surface of the cake still looks oily with nice shine, and that's the way I like my aging to be.

Cloudy afternoon, around 85% humidity, and temp in low 70s. 6 grams with 150 ml pot. Boiling water flash rinsed twice, and rest for 2 mins.
1st brew 5s. Clear, dark amber, aroma of 70% coco dark chocolate with dried wood. No chew even though the soup look dense and oily. Very nondescript and mild. Deep water throatiness all the way to chest level.

2nd brew, push 20s. Cold semi-sweet chocolate right out of the fridge, the sweetness is not detectable, but you know it's there!? Clean, light and refreshing. Hint of balanced bitterness paring with woody maple. No qi at all but good quenchless.

3rd brew, pushed even harder, since I am only using 6g with 150ml water. Rich maple syrup front and finishing with coco aftertaste.... is this a puerh?
Comfortable and familiar effects, besides the cold chocolate part. Overall easy and single dimensional. A good during lunch dim-sum tea.



darwin said...

nice post again tim!

just wanted to ask if you stored your brick in the tin the whole time?

and would it be advisable to put ripe tea in a tin even if the humidity is high outside? of course the tea would be put inside the tin on dry a day to prevent getting moisture inside.

thanks in advanced!

toki said...

Thanks Darwin-This Shu brick has been aging in a tin from the beginning. I would not recommend aging shu in an enclosed space, vessel, tin in high humidity. Mold will certainly occurs. T

Anonymous said...

That's funny: maple syrup and cocoa--is this a Pu-erh? Perhaps it wouldn't seem so if there's "no Qi." I only like Pu-erh with a notable spiritual experience myself. That's what they're known for and how it should be. --Teaternity

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