Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A view of Aging Cigar by Min Ron Nee. Part 2 of 3

If one of the World's most respected cigar collectors wrote about the link between aging Habanos and Puerh, there are much wisdom to learn from....

First, on the previous post where the author mentioned in interesting note (blue):
Do cigars need to breath while aging? Applying the same idea to aging puerh, I found those in which I open storage with good ventilation for the new - 2 yrs old bings. The darken color (fever) marks were obvious. After the first couple of years, the tea oil shine on the surface dried up and became matte. Moreover, the floral notes were flattened and its character/aftertaste were less complex than those I refined storage. So if I want to drink young puerh in 5 years and prefer a bit more 'aged' character, I might want to open storage it. But if I am going for the mandarin's style... I would not give up any of my 'granny powder' for any shortcuts.

The funny thing is, once you know the difference, it's easy to tell. And there is no way someone could hide the false and reverse what's been done to the tea. Any thoughts?

My rose, talc cosmetic nub that started it all....

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Anonymous said...

I don't know much about aging Pu-erh but I'm learning. I'm just discovering good Pu-erh and exploring its spiritual feeling now. I started with a lb of some that was a little too cheap and it gave me a harsher feeling. Just this morning I tried some of a more reasonable quality and the spiritual feeling is a lot more smooth and agreeable. I'd like to learn how to store teas like this so I could save a little of them as I try different ones and have them years later. --Spirituality of Tea

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