Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thick Granny Face Powder?

Nannou 2004 private edition, commissioned by Master Chan from The Best Tea House Hong Kong.

This is a classic example of an experienced tea master craftsmanship. Every steps of the way, from picking the trees, to harvesting, overseeing the processing and pressing. Mr. Chan had complete control of what he wants and what he expects it to be.

Nannou is the most fragrant and feminine of all Yunnan puerh (in my opinion). Pleases the senses with a delicate palate and carries one to a calm and scholastic journey.

This 2004 spring buds harvest holds some characteristics of a fine vintage should have:

1. Talcum
2. Orchid
3. Sweet dry plum

Hint of hay / camphor and mild sweetness aroma on rinsed leave. Smoothing but "blurt", offering multi-dimensional aroma, without heaviness in the first session. Layers upon layers in progressive quality, hint of Metallic and Talcum (granny face power) occurs in the 3rd brew on, numbing to the lips. Then it hits you with the orchid fragrant and aged plum's sweet after-taste that coats the throat. Usually, only fine harvest has Talcum characteristic, but not until 10-15 yrs of aging, like the 80's 8582. That is why this bing surprised me.

I prefer and collect commissioned bings. The extra thickness (almost doubled a reg.) provides more energy / chi to the aging process and it also gives extra cushion for micro-climate maturing. One could relate to fine vintage habanos, most comes in 50 / 100 cabinet, rather then 10 or 25s box.

With all these text book characters, giving another 5 yrs to age in a refine 70% humidity environment, could be an interesting experiment.


Salsero said...

Very attractive stuff! Where did you get that tornado shaped cup? Is it really as tiny on the bottom as it looks?

Nice review. Great evocation of the experience. Thanks.

toki said...

Sal- Great that you enjoy and thank you.
You are asking the Korean gimhae style bowl or the Qingbai lotus cup? They are both XXL compare to the teapot : )

Salsero said...

As long as you mention it, both! The Korean one is the one in the bottom photos and the lotus cup is the one in the middle photo? I was asking about the lotus, its shape seems so unusual.

You must give those teapots a lot of love. The babysitting pot is the one watching in the background? The patina on the smaller pot is just fabulous, as are the photos!

~ Phyll said...


Talcum taste/smell can also be found in some nice Chianti red wines. But why is it called "granny face powder" and not something like "Giselle Bundchen's face powder" instead? :)

Tuo Cha Tea said...

The beeng on the first photo looks very yummy...

chrl42 said...

Nice review! I didn't know you are a Pu-head. I envy your beengs and yixings.

Gimme more Shengs!

toki said...

Thanks Sal, Phyll and tct, this bing is truly Giselle Bundchen's yummy : )
And Welcome to my addictions Chri42.

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