Saturday, October 10, 2009


My mom wrote to me this morning:
"Kyoto is one of my favourite cities in the world, there stood the only traditional Tang Dynasty architecture left in the world, and yet ours, in China, were all destroyed. sad.sad sad.....!!

One wonders, sometimes, if Kyoto does resembles what our own city once looked like back in Tang Dynasty?? A great era... ruled by Empress Wu......a city filled with artists, scholars, poets, dancers ...beautiful and elegant tasteful and stylish fashion... good food...good wine...great music and lyrics..... lucky lucky Tang! Poor Hongkongnese!"

Well, here is my first blog response to my dearest mother:
"I do inherit the proud Chinoiserie from you, and sadly 'most' but not all the Tang architectures were destroyed in our beloved 'Middle Empire'. One could still reconnect the tasteful, romantic style of Tang dynasty culture through a cup of tea. Specially under the Autumn foliage, in Kyoto, Korea, China, Hong Kong or New York, it does not matter.

I hope my practice in the art of tea have prepared me to whisk you up a good Tang Style tea medallion, next time we see each other." xoxo

Happy Autumn to all. My favorite tea season.

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author said...

Hey Tim, this is beautiful. Lucky to inherit beautiful taste from Mom, I think. I've been hanging out in Facebook much more than tea blogs these days.. must make a return practice to tea blogs. But I am still drinking tea!
- J.

darwin said...

very nice tim!
hope to see more blogs during your most favorite tea season


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the tea medallion. what would it be in the form of? A gaiwan? Or a teapot? Perhaps with the Chinese character for tea. --Spirituality of Tea

Gingko Bay said...

In the museum of Shanxi, there are comparison maps of ancient Chang'an and Kyoto, and they do look very similar!
On the one hand, the current mass extinction of culture is sad. On the other hand, cultures are destroyed in every century and nothing is permanent, just like the ultimate destiny of every yixing pot is being broken, sooner or later :-p

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