Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yixing Clay is not only for making teapots.

Yixing are great for planting also, specially for Chinese grass orchids (which have small white flowers and the most majestic fragrance in China). Or for water dropper, brush painting vessels etc. Because the breathing quality of the clay, the liquid which it contains will not go bad easily.

These are a couple of yixing snuff bottles from Qing, which they are great for putting flowers in them and they will last longer.


~ Phyll said...

Can't store / display precious teapots like that in California. Our ground shakes from time to time. :)

Michelle said...

Hello - I am writing a book about tea for children called The Magic of Tea. I'm looking for an illustrator and I understand you're a graphic artist. Phyll speaks highly of you and we have a link at T Ching, my blob, to you. Please email me to discuss this project.
Thanks- I couldn't find another way to contact you and since the book is about a Yixing pot, I thought it was as good a spot as any!

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