Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Appraisal & Appreciation" of Yixings: Standard of Execution

Meeting with He Daohong, National Craft Master. Part 2 of 3

We can categorize pots according to their design. The shape of the round pot has to be clean and simple, showing the qualities of smoothness, honesty and sincerity. One must never be able to tire of looking at it. The spout and the handle must join on to the body smoothly and with luster. The lid must fit tightly and its motion must not be sluggish. The inner wall of the pot must be smooth and neat. Decorative painting and calligraphy on the pot should have unity with the pot; they should enrich the beauty of the pot without detracting from the pot's simple, natural art. The size of the seal should be proportionate to the pot and the lid, and should be decorative, not just an inscription.

The square pot should be upright, balance and square. It should have distinct edges and outlines. The spout and lid should be in proportion to the body. The inner and outer lines of the pot should be unified, presenting the viewer with a neat and natural effect. The moulded pot should be based on an unusual and not conventional source, combining visual beauty and tactile pleasure. The colour must be suitable, and the spout and handle must be properly combined. The lid and the opening of the pot must be skillfully matched.

In corrugated-surface pots, the pattern of the lines must be graceful and lively, and the lid and the opening must be tight-fitting with the lines on the lid matching those on the body. The curves between the spout and the handle should be flowing and show and orderly beauty.

The final colour of the pot is also important. It will determine the quality of the pot and also the degree of its calmness.


Hobbes said...

Dear Toki,

Thanks for the great series, I've been reading with great interest.



toki said...

Thanks Hobbes... more to come. Just dont want to bore anyone - T

Danica said...

Not boring at all. This has been the best description of how to judge the beauty of a pot that I've read to date. It's not easy!

Mislav said...

Hello!! What a wonderful article.
I read it with great pleasure.

Strange how a teapot Can represent at the same time
The comforts of solitude And the pleasures of company
(Zen Haiku qouotes)

toki said...

Thank you for enjoying my little thoughts.

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